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This Is Surf Custom

Custom surfboards overlooking the ocean at sun rise.

It’s great to meet you — we have a feeling we’ll be getting along. Below, you'll find information about how Custom works, who builds our boards and why we started.

A Native Hawaiian holding an alaia surfboard with Diamond Head in the background.

The history of custom surfboards dates back to ancient Polynesia, where craftspeople would sculpt pieces of wood into different models designed to be surfed by royalty and commoners alike.

A surfboard in the back of an old Ford truck.

In the 1900s, as surfing spread around the world, everything about surfboards changed — from the designs to the materials to the manufacturing.

A CNC machine cutting a surfboard blank.

In the early 2000s, the combination of CAD (Computer Aided Design) programs and CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) machines became increasingly adopted by surfboard makers. The use of CAD/CAM is now standard. 

A man applying fiberglass cloth to a shaped surfboard blank.

However, these tools don't build boards to completion. Manual labor is still required to finalize the board's shape and laminate it. These crafts take a lot of time to master — we view them as true works of art. 

Two surfboard blanks and one smaller finished surfboard.

Custom allows you to design a surfboard using intuitive software. Then we take your design, employ CAD/CAM systems, and have the board finished off by reliable sets of hands.

Many major surfboard brands use a network of factories to get their boards made around the world. We believe there's a better way to do things.These factories use lesser-known shapers — commonly referred to as ghost shapers — and local laminators to finish the board. We use this same workforce to bring your designs to life. Start designing

So, your surfboard should be made just for you.

Everyone has a different style, approach, skill level, experience and access to waves.
Surfer waits for a wave with a custom surfboard

It’s time to bring your ideas to life.

A surfboard acts as the intermediary between the wave’s energy and the surfer’s imagination.
Surfer does a backside turn on a custom board
Our origin story

We want Surf Custom to enable a surfboard design revolution, powered by individual surfers. Learn more about our founder and origin story here.

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A man laying fiberglass cloth on a surfboard.

Many modern surfboard models are designed for what the top .1% of the world's surfers want to do on a wave — which is inaccessible to the other 99.9%.

Others are designed for how surfboard brands think you want to approach surfing and are often driven by marketing more than performance.

A dusty surfboard in a factory.
Surfer with custom surfboard points at wave

Surfers are intuitively aware of the sensations they want to unlock on waves.

There's a rich history of surfers incorporating their intuition into board design, resulting in everything from World Titles to generation-defining breakthroughs. It's time to tap back into that. 

Custom believes that giving you control over your board design will change the way you approach waves, enrich your experience in the water and ultimately make you appreciate the magic of surfing just a little more.

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