Years ago, I had an idea for a surfboard. 
I wanted a 5’0” quad with very little rocker. So, I reached out to a shaper and asked him to build it for me. I told him I wanted to try something new. He told me why he didn’t think it would work. We went back and forth and eventually met in the middle, agreeing on a 5’3” thruster. I did not fall in love with that surfboard. 
My itch was unscratched. Years later, I found a shaper who was open to the idea and convinced him to build it. I very much fell in love with that surfboard, and have spent more time on it than any other board I’ve ever owned.
The experience struck me. I’ve been in the surf industry for my entire career, which put me in a position of privilege by granting me direct access to board builders. If I had a hard time getting someone to take on a new idea, I imagined how hard it would be for someone else. 
That’s how this idea was born. Surf Custom’s goal is to give all surfers control over board design. Surfing is an individual endeavor, and that’s what makes it beautiful. We all have different preferences regarding which waves to pursue and the sensations we want to experience on those waves.
There’s too much magic involved for a one-size-fits-all approach. 
Regardless of what all the marketing noise out there might suggest you should believe, a board is nothing more than the intermediary between a surfer and a wave. When you ride your own design, or ride a board 100% tailored to your surfing, you can’t help but connect with the surfing experience more deeply. 
If you have questions, you can hit me on email or schedule a call. I’m always down to talk about surfboards. 
Brendan Buckley 
Founder, Surf Custom