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Design Your Own Custom Surfboard

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Three logo-less surfboards in blue light.
What is Custom?

Custom is a fully custom surfboard company that allows you to design a board and have it built by professionals. It’s built on two premises:


An individual surfer — more than a mass-production brand — knows how they want their board to feel.
A surfer does a frontside air on a custom board


Surfboard design should be accessible to everyone.
A surfer floats with a custom board

Your style, approach, skill, experience, and access to waves are all unique. Your board should be, too.

It’s time to bring your vision to life. Build a board and connect with surfing in a new way.

Start designing
Custom surfboards against a cliff
A CNC machine shaping a surfboard.

Our Templates

The industry standard is to use the imperial system and scale surfboards in height. However, volume — or the total amount of foam a surfboard contains — is a superior metric to ensure a surfer gets an appropriately sized board.

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Three custom surfboards on a blue and black wall.

Not sure what to ride?

Schedule a consultation or take our 5-minute survey, and we'll submit a design for you to review in less than 24 hours.

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We use data from over 1000 surfers to recommend 100% custom surfboards based on volume.

Here’s how the process works:

First, we reigned in on five popular board types, analyzed different iterations for each, and created models based on the global averages.

A paper order form in a surfboard factory.

Then, we examined body measurements and surfboard dimensions from over 1000 surfers to create volume equations based on skill and weight.

Three surfboards together in a factory.

Now, you can easily use that information to get a data-backed board tailored to your needs.

A surfer with an assymetrical custom surfboard design in Portugal.

Blue Sky Initiative

Inspiration can strike anyone, anywhere — you could be drawing on the back of a receipt during a late night out or playing with a CAD file at a café overlooking the sea. Whether you’ve got a concept for an asymmetrical board, an esoteric fin configuration, or even a new material, Surf Custom will find a way to build it.

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